Free to be young

Youth is freedom. It’s daily serendipity.  It's that spoonful of broccoli. It’s the works.

However, if we think back, and are truly honest with ourselves, we remember the

stressors, too: friends; acceptance; growing up; bullying. These are feelings that stay

with us as we grow and are precursors to larger issues that develop further down the line.

Through Yoga, we unlock the magic of Mindfulness with exercise in our children’s development. Young and Yoga exists to help your children build the tools needed in

better dealing with these realities, and their busy  lifestyles – not only in childhood, but life.

In the same way it works for us old folk, it works for them, too.


Hi, I'm Mandi

And I’m Young & Yoga's owner and instructor.

As a result of several sudden and unexpected changes in my life I was propelled down a path of self-care through yoga and mindfulness.

During these early stages, I found that positivity – both in mind and body – is more than a mantra. It’s a tool. One that  encourages confidence, concentration and
focus, strength, health, and serenity in a sense of self-worth.

It was here that I found my passion: to help children. To develop this tool within them, and to equip them for the road ahead.

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